Nina Fiore graduated from Harvard College and from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a BA in Fine Arts/Architecture and an EdM in Developmental Psychology.

Nina founded the Astoria Film Festival in NYC that, in addition to annual festivals, supports emerging filmmakers, and provides film/media education through workshops, internships, and a Film Fellows program.

Nina also provides Youth Program Development, curriculum development, and teacher training/Professional Development to various schools, homeschool groups, and Informal Education Organizations, with an emphasis on creating inclusive settings.  

Nina managed an After School Program in the Mission Hill Housing Complex during her undergrad years, created a Digital After School program at the Children's Aid Society in Harlem, NYC that served as a pilot program for Intel's Computer Classrooms, served as Researcher, Grants Manager, and then Communications Director at The PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education and Resilience at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School, which creates and fosters evidence-based innovations in youth-serving organizations to help all students succeed. While at PEAR, Nina also spearheaded the creation of online training and assessment tools that inform educational programs and professionals about program quality in schools and afterschool settings, to help bridge the resource gap in high poverty and underserved communities.

While at Harvard University, Nina also developed curriculum for and taught graduate classes in Developmental Psychology, organized psychology/education conferences, counseled graduate students, and was Managing Editor of a peer-reviewed Academic Harvard Research Journal on Developmental Psychology.

Additionally, Nina works on film production, grant writing, digital strategy and business development, through her company StudioFiore.  Nina spent many years at the forefront of digital entertainment, where she produced countless websites, digital strategies, & digital experiences.  She created the first websites for Viacom, Paramount, and MTVNetworks, created the first social media accounts, podcasts, and SEO-based digital strategies for MTVNetworks, PBS Interactive, and Sesame Workshop, produced Sundance Film Festival's first live webcasts, and managed the the core team at Viacom that created and launched the Noggin Channel. 

Nina also homeschools her son and advocates for Autistic Acceptance, Inclusion, and Disability Civil Rights, with a focus on nonspeaking autistics and Neurodiversity.  A published author, Nina writes as much as possible to help promote a more complete, more positive view of autistics than what is usually found in the public domain. 

Nina is certified in CPR/First Aid, Hatha Yoga, Children's Yoga, Reiki, Stott Pilates, Art Therapy,  and NASA STEM Education. 

Nina can be reached at: astoriafilmfestival (at) gmail (dot) com